DAY 1.

Rooftop Bar with Gustu Angga, Yuki Kobayashi, Kresna Paraditya and Gusde. At the night we celebrated Acid's birthday. Party! Happy! Thanks Acid! Cheers!



DAY 2.

Met Budi, Awesome man :) 

DAY 3.

At the morning, I went to RMIT University with Rio, Yuki, Gustu and Kresna. And spent all the night at the bar at Chapel St. with Yuki, Thomas, Gustu, Jeffry, Herry. That was fun! Thanks buddy! Cheers!

DAY 4.

Drunk again with Nate, Yuki, Ryan, Kresna, Tisha and Yuwid at Bar near Eureka. Thanks for the awesome night, my friends :)

DAY 5.

Melbourne Museum with Tisha, Yuwid, Gustu, Kresna, Yuki, Ryan, Nate. The best museum I've ever seen bro! :D

DAY 6.

Mt. Buller! Snowy! For the first time I saw snow! Thanks to Gustu for being a coordinator :) Thanks to Yuki, Rio, Kresna, Tisha and Nate!


Day 8.

Spent all night at Gustu and Thomas's House. A Black Label and One crates of Beer! Drunk 'till dead haha. Thanks to my awesome friends Gregory, Gustu, Thomas, Yuki, Budi!

DAY 9.

Church in City with Kresna, Budi and Gustu.

Special thanks to all my friends, Yuki, Gustu, Kresna, Tisha, Nate,Yuwid, Budi, Thomas, Gregory, Acid, Jeffry, Hery, Rio.

All photos using Canon 5D Mark II with 50mm f1.2 and 85mm f1.2.


  1. WOW!!! di bule emang keren ya bli... hahhaa jadi kuliah disana toh :D

  2. linggar: iya jadi bro. memang keren di melb, beda banget sama indo haha

  3. WAAaaaW!!! nice shoot ...