Trip to Thailand!

Wow.. This was an unbelievable crazy trip. Actually, I went there with Bayu, Adi and Leo. They are an awesome friend (thank you brothers!). Our trip guided by Ben Japorn (funniest woman ever! haha). First of all, we're take off from Bali to Bangkok on 2nd July 2011 at 1pm and arrived at 8pm. First day we spent our night at Siam City Bangkok Hotel, that hotel was an incredible five-star hotel. Next day we started our journey to pattaya. Pattaya is the center of half-man-half-woman hahaha but we admitted that half-man-half-woman were very very very hot and beautiful hahaha, in fact they were prettier than the real hot woman (wow! believe it!). In Pattaya we stayed at Siam Beach View Hotel, another superb hotel with beach view. In Bangkok we always spent all our nights to search some girls in Patpong hahaha. We have visited all the greatest and the biggest mall in bangkok such as Siam Paragon, MBK, Central World, Siam Soy 2, Siam Square, etc. You know, Siam Paragon is the most luxurious mall in Thailand and Southeast Asia. We bought Nudie Jeans in there!! (the best jeans! wohoooo!!). Finally, we went back to Bali on 9th July 2011 with joyful and grateful in our face! That is all the story about my journey with my friends. Thanks for reading guys :)

Tower of The Grand Palace

Here they are Bayu, Leo and Adi in Grand Palace

This is our tour guide, Ben Japorn (the funniest woman ever! :D)

Front Gate of Grand Palace

Kick my ass! haha

Bayu with his funny behaviour

Bayu in Big Buddha House

Foot of Big Buddha

Ceiling of Big Buddha House

This is Leo hahaha

Lick this V!

Tower of the Grand Palace

King's home

Thanks bro Bayu!

Thanks Bayu for this awesome shot

Hero Photo!

Bell location in Grand Palace


King's home

Siam City Hotel (Situation)

Bayu and the Black Label in Siam City Hotel 

Lamp in our room hotel

Outside MRT

MRT quite atmosphere

Half-man-half-woman in Pattaya

Bayu at Siam Bayview Hotel Pattaya

Bayu scared of the elephant

Adi Gave ice cream to the elephant

Adi at Grand Palace

Metal! at OldTown Coffee

Rawwwrrr! at Floating Market

We spent our last night with Black Label! Unforgettable moment!!




  2. Iya dong.. soalnya bayu jadi modelnya hahahaha