Testing Profoto D1 and Profoto BatPac

I was very excited when my brand new Profoto D1 and Profoto BatPac finally in my hand. I planned to build a studio in my house. I choose Profoto D1 because it's good build, very constant produces color of light (temperature). And the reason I choose Profoto Batpac is because I prefer shot portrait outdoor then indoor. Today in the morning I tested my Profoto in Benoa bali. I was exciting because of the results are unbelievable and impressed me so much. I used a silver Beauty Dish on a D1's head, soft and strong. This is my samples of my shot in Benoa


  1. yg paling bawah kaya foto joey L di ethiopia

  2. powernya gimana kl di compare ama elin ranger rx?

    nice sets