The Story of Hamid

He is Hamid. His close friends called him Homad Hamid. He has a small body, not like his friends of the same age. But he is funny, nice to talk and he has a good voice. This day, he is in second grade in his school. This is the story of Hamid. He never knew his father. He never knew the face of his father. He never knew the voice of his father. Not because his father died. That is because his mother is a prostitute. His mother work at a famous brothel in Bali. He told me that he is happy with his life now, because he has a lot of friends. He always smile to me, to his friends and to the other people in this world. We know, happiness is the most important thing in our life.

Face of Hamid.

Set up with (2) Profoto D1 with a Profoto BatPac, one head to camera left shot through a silver beauty dish and one head behind the subject to the camera left shot through a zoom reflector. (1) Profoto Pro-Head with a Profoto Pro-B3 1200 AirS battery, one head to the camera right shot through a giant softbox. Assisted by Adi Kusuma and Agung Wibawa.

Hamid and my assistance, Adi Kusuma.